Welcome from President Meyer

Welcome to this special website for the Meyer Fund for Adult Literacy, AIDS, the Advancement of Global Democracy, and Assistance to our Military Families, and Fighting Childhood Obesity!

Having served as America’s president, I learned firsthand how important documents are to our great nation — documents like the Declaration of Independence and our beloved Constitution. What’s more, I developed a deep appreciation for the importance of reading and writing, not only in our nation’s history but also for its active and effective governance in the modern day. Before a Bill can become a Law, it must be written. And then it must be read. And, most importantly, it must be signed. Yet for those who are unable to read and write, each one of these actions is as unimaginable as walking on the surface of Pluto.

I also learned about the continuing tragedy of AIDS. AIDS affects so many people, not just in our country but around the world. And although we have made great strides in recent years, there is still so much more to do. The most important tool in our “toolbox” for fighting AIDS is hope. And hope is what we focus on at the Meyer Fund in terms of our battle with AIDS. “Make Hope a Priority” is our motto.

The spread of democracy across the globe has always been a special passion of mine. Every American who stops to think about it appreciates the greatness and the beauty of our American system of democracy. Just as we pity those living elsewhere who do not have clean water or enough to eat, so we must also pity those with no say in their own future because they live under repressive, authoritarian regimes. We know that America is the greatest country on Earth in no small part thanks to our vibrant democracy. We would be betraying the Founding Fathers who entrusted us with the right to vote if we did not do all that we could to help other countries become equally democratic and, eventually perhaps, equally great.

And what better way to welcome our servicemen and women to our site than with words of welcome. Welcome! Whether you are returning from hazardous duty overseas, mustering out from duller (but much safer) service stateside, or just relaxing on an aircraft carrier, you are most welcome here. As a former Commander-in-Chief, I know all too well the pressures that military service exacts not just on our brave soldiers, sailors, and marines but on those who wait for them at home be they husbands, wives, parents, children, girlfriends or boyfriends, or mistresses. The Meyer Fund is deeply committed to doing everything we can to help you.

My goodness! Anyone who has been in an airport lately knows firsthand that we have a terrible problem with obesity in this country. Once I got out of the White House “bubble” and began mixing with ordinary Americans, it became immediately apparent that most of them were much too fat and that even the ones who weren’t ridiculously fat could probably afford to take off a pound or two.

While changing channels the other day, I happened to see a few minutes of a baseball game. These days the camera will often show people in the stands jumping around and making faces during the many interminable breaks in the action which make baseball so exceptionally dull. Something struck me about the faces and, especially, the bodies on the screen but it took me a moment to put my finger on it. Then I realized, they were all fatties! Men, women, children, the handicapped, the umpires, pretty much everyone except the players (and even some of them were looking a little muffin-topped)!

And where does it start? Like so many things, the problem of obesity begins in childhood. I know about this firsthand, as well, because my daughter Catherine had absolutely no self-control as a baby and got so fat that by the time she was in kindergarten, she was wearing clothes at a third grade level. It wasn’t until she became anorexic in college that she finally settled down to a normal weight.

There are intelligent people of good will, people I respect, who have counseled me against taking up these causes. They say that adult illiteracy, AIDS, Global Democracy, our heroic Military Families, and Childhood Obesity are just too stubborn; that they can’t be fixed. To them I say not only can they be fixed but they must be fixed. And to them I also say, “If not this, what? If not me, who?” Or, rather, “whom?”

Like only a very few people, I had the infinite honor to serve you as your president. But having left the political arena, I have entered what is, dare I say, a larger arena, one in which the sort of problems that transcend race and time and national boundaries are addressed. And not only addressed, they are conquered.

I have a lot left to give.

Thank you,

Meyer Fund Initiative Implementation Timeline

Phase I3rd Quarter 2018
Phase II1st Quarter 2020
Phase III and IV3rd Quarter 2020
Phase V2nd Quarter 2022